Natalie C. Markey is a seasoned freelance journalist, PR guru, speaker and dance instructor. The tag on this site and her blog say it all, Dance Teacher, Author, Mommy, Wife, Animal Lover and Chaos Manager Extraordinaire. After years in the corporate world she’s thrilled to be working full-time for herself as the owner/instructor of Dhahran Dance and a writer. She navigates the rewards and challenges of being a working from home mother and lives abroad in the desert of Saudi Arabia. In addition to writing, dancing and trying to stay cool Natalie takes care of her two children, 3 dogs, 2 bunnies and just one cat. On most nights she lives at her dance studio staying in shape and spending time with her amazingly talented students. She is blessed to have a husband who supports her dreams and keeps her sane. Life is full of adventures and Markey is never lacking that. As Shakespeare so accurately put it, “All the world’s a stage.” Look as her adventures inspire ideas…..

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